Seeking Transformation for Personal Pains

Life is painful at times, and it's not easy to understand the persistence of pesky symptoms you experience and can't get over. Our Western culture seeks to avoid discomfort and traditionally mainstreams approaches may not be very effective in working through trauma or other long-standing struggles. 

Difficult experiences, such as, an accident, early life trauma, illness, betrayal or a tragic family loss, are often dismissed, ignored, and emotionally buried because they are just too hard to deal with. You might believe that if you face the experience that you will not stop crying or possibly die. This supressive approach is not without consequence, hence, your symptoms. What if I told you that the symptoms you struggle with may not even belong to you and that all suffering has value and meaning.

Your struggles could be an imprint of yesterdays' wounds. It is also important to note that family and cultural dictates, what I call --  The Family Trance, can keep you entangled and stuck in a shared suffering. All families hand down genetic codes for eye color, along with the unresolved pains and desparation of life events that could not be managed well. All of this resides in the subconscious mind and in the body, to which the central nervous system and brain.

With the right kind of facilitation and mind-body based tools,
I believe anything can be shifted, changed or healed. 
You can discover the meaning and value of your symptoms 
transform them at Core Healing Initiative! 


According to Bessel van Der Kolk, MD, Psychiatrist and Trauma Researcher, by the age of 35, most people have experienced four to five traumas of varying degrees of impact. Secondary trauma can also occur because we witnessed someone else's trauma or viewed horrific events through the media.

Traumatic experiences can trigger a pre-existing vulnerability that corresponds to similar memories we may have: i.e., A woman who cannot bear watching news about house fires. As horrific as it is for the family involved in the story, her debilitating reaction is because her great-grandmother perished in a house fire. The family's grief is shared.

Maybe you are stuck or feeling emotionally distressed, and you may not know why or understand why years of therapy have not been effective. Finding the right approach and practitioner, if you need one, are key ingredients to terminate the symptoms you struggle with. You want the symptoms to go away; to feel better. 


If you have a problem, you have the solutions. 

Welcome to the Core Healing Initiative

Core Healing Initiatives is a multi-faceted, 3-dimensional transformational dive into the power and meaning of your current symptoms. Right now, it is hard to believe that symptoms are messengers or carriers guiding you to understand some aspect of your life or that of your ancestors. In this style of work, entering into the experience through various portals garners a broader perspective for you to safely and powerfully reach your goals.

I know how easy it is to get lost in your pain. I did, yet I did not learn in psychotherapy training that the pain is actually the way out, where the gold is contained. There are many processes to access your inner wisdom for the solutions you seek.

You've been suffering and may be at loss to find the strength to cope. Understand that the solutions do not reside in thinking about the problem, or telling and retelling the narrative. The subconscious mind and the body are the vehicles for expressing a life task. These tasks grow you.

The Core Healing Initiative is unlike traditional therapy. Of course, we talk. Naturally, I want to know what prompted you to seek professional help. As I observe and listen I take the lead to begin moving you toward your solution. You might experience psychological acupressure, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, deep mind work through Alchemy, guided journeys, essential oils and the powerful work of inherited family trauma.

Whether your eyes are open or closed or we are mapping the Energetic Family TraumaGram, you will discover truths, power, and how to navigate your life and how you can best step forward with a new vision and greater personal strength.

Whether you have experienced trauma, suffered medical trauma, have a phobia, can't breathe, have an upcoming surgery, need to take an exam or increase athletic competency, I can assist you.  

Read more about services options below and also, review the client profile as you decide on your next step.


If you experience a personal crisis, I will refer you to the emergency room, a mental health hotline or phone the proper authorities. Pittsburgh area crisis phone numbers are as follows:  

  • Resolve Crisis Network (1-888-7-YOUCAN) 
  • Allegheny County Peer Support Warmline Network (1-866-661-WARM)
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